South Africa’s Cell C plans LTE with Huawei and ZTE

Cell C is in discussions with Huawei and ZTE about developing its high-speed network, Bloomberg reports.

According to its CEO Jose Dos Santos, the company is in late-stage negotiations with both manufacturers about building its first commercial 4G network, and the deal could be completed as early as next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Cell C’s data strategy will focus on developing LTE service for business customers, Dos Santos told reporters.

“We’ve been spending the best part of eight to nine months putting this contract and our LTE strategy together,” he said.

In January the company pledged approximately $209 million (R 2.4 billion) towards the expansion of its network and preparation for the launch of 4G this year. Cell C has been struggling with debt and last year,agreed to €160 million worth of debt restructuring to free up investment for a network expansion.