ZTE claims capacity record for pre-5G MIMO trial

ZTE claims capacity record for pre-5G MIMO trial

ZTE has conducted what it says is the world’s first pre-commercial field testing of multi-user and multi-stream transmission on a massive input-multiple, multiple-output (MIMO) base station.

The Chinese telecoms equipment vendor claims it has set new records in single-carrier transmission capacity and spectral efficiency.

The company conducted the demo using its pre-5G multi-user, multi-stream spatial multiplexing technology, with user handsets based on existing 4G standards.

It did not reveal what the actual speeds were, but said that its MIMO base station “demonstrated peak data throughput that is more than three times that of traditional base stations, and average data throughput that exceeds conventional systems by at least five times”.

“Being a pre-5G technology, ZTE’s Massive MIMO solution is delivering exponential advances to 4G networks without modifying existing air interfaces, making it possible for carriers to provide a 5G-like user experience on existing 4G handsets in an accelerated timeframe,” said Xiang Jiying, chief scientist of ZTE.



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