Poland announces details of LTE auction

Polish telecom regulator UKE has announced details of its LTE auction planned for February.

UKE hopes the auction, which includes five licenses in the 800MHz band and 14 licenses in the 2.6GHz band, will help boost mobile broadband coverage in rural areas of Poland.

Auction rules stipulate that bidders may only compete for a maximum of two 800MHz licenses and four 2.6GHz licenses. The spectrum-holding limit is designed to encourage network sharing between operators and help hit UKE’s coverage targets.

The starting price for bidding has been set at USD 83 million for the 800MHz licences and USD 8 million for 2.6GHz licences.

UKE announced that each reservation will be valid for 15 years.

Interested bidders can apply until 15 February.

All major telecom operators in Poland have expressed interest in participating in the auction.