IFC and DiViNetworks partner for broadband data delivery

IFC and DiViNetworks partner for broadband data delivery

The International Financial Corporation (IFC) has invested $5 million in Israel’s DiViNetworks to allow the cloud solution provider to optimise broadband data delivery in developing countries.

DiViNetworks’ DiViCloud service is designed to reduce congestion on internet connections, and is already deployed in 21 countries.

“The IFC’s investment and contribution will fuel our aggressive growth in emerging economies, enabling ISPs in those countries to economically and efficiently connect their users to the cloud,” said Barak Avitbul, CEO of DiViNetworks.

DiViNetworks works largely in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and south east Asia, and the DiViCloud service is also expected to lower costs for users.

“DiViNetworks equips ISPs with means to bring global data into their network in the most efficient, cost-effective and controllable way,” said Yair Shapira, EVP of products at DiViNetworks.

“By combining top-of-the-line technologies with global, cloud-based infrastructure, every ISP, regardless of size or location, can benefit from our services.”

Speaking exclusively to Capacity at this year’s ITW in Chicago, DiViNetworks announced its Traffic Management Cloud service in partnership with Sandvine.

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