Level 3 expands broadcast capabilities in South Africa

Level 3 expands broadcast capabilities in South Africa

Level 3 Communications has expanded its Vyvx broadcast capabilities into South Africa in a bid to meet growing demand for video content generated and delivered into the country.

Companies in South Africa will now be able to stream live sports, breaking news and other video content to international audiences.

The services will be enabled by Level 3’s Vyvx PoP located in Johannesburg and will allow companies in North America, Western Europe and Latin America to broadcast content readily in South Africa.

"Using Level 3's expansive African telecommunications and media network, South Africa is well positioned for growth in the international broadcast sector," said Mark Taylor, VP of media and IP services at Level 3.

Telemedia, one of Level 3’s largest South African broadcast companies, now has the ability to provide local broadcast customers with on-net access to a global network footprint.

"Level 3's growing broadcast infrastructure and network scalability is helping us expand our business into new markets across the globe," added Tom Salmon, manager of Data Services at Telemedia.

Capacity's seventh conference dedicated to Africa's telecoms market takes place on September 17-18 in Dar es Salaam.

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