SingTel enhances broadband services for SME customers

SingTel enhances broadband services for SME customers

SingTel has announced plans to enhance the SingNet eVolve and SingNet eLite corporate fibre broadband service with the SingTel Business Fibre Broadband Security Suite.

The move is intended to provide SME customers in Singapore with online content filtering to protect their networks, with SMEs also able to subscribe to anti-virus and anti-spam services to ensure added security.

The cloud-based broadband security suite reportedly has the capability to intercept security threats and eliminate them in the internet cloud before reaching a company’s IT network.

SME owners have the capability to choose from three pre-defined protection levels to guard employees from accessing harmful websites.

SingTel said it further provides protection through anti-virus and anti spam value-added services. The bundled solutions detect and prevent malicious software from corrupting or deleting data and identify emails which are potential spam messages.

“Cyber threats are a mounting risk to corporate networks. The SingTel Business Broadband Security Suite is tailor made for SMEs which have little or no IT support,” said Lee Han Kheng, VP global product at SingTel Group Enterprise.

“With no installation costs, hardware or network changes required, they can save time and money with this hassle free, scalable and effective solution to meet their cyber-security needs.”

The security suite is based on Fortinet’s technology.

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