Openreach implements ADVA Ethernet technology

Openreach implements ADVA Ethernet technology

BT subsidiary Openreach has deployed more than 100,000 of ADVA Optical Networking’s FSP suites into its Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) services.

The deployment is reportedly one of the largest instalments of Ethernet connectivity in the world, and the infrastructure provider’s technology is designed to allow Openreach to simplify service provisioning and respond to customer requests more effectively.

“This milestone represents a significant achievement and is the culmination of many years of determination and effort,” said Mark Logan, director of fibre products at Openreach.

“The ADVA FSP Management Suite interoperates with our Operations Support System (OSS), to ensure we can offer our customers simplicity and zero-touch provisioning.”

EAD services require a robust network management system to streamline operations, administration and maintenance, and ADVA claims that its FSP Management Suite is designed for that specific purpose.

“We’ve helped drive Ethernet connectivity across the UK, and we believe a major cornerstone for this achievement is our FSP Management Suite,” said Sarah Mendham, account director at ADVA Optical Networking.

“This secret ingredient ensures Openreach can respond to its customers’ requests in good time and take a collaborative approach to changing demands.”

ADVA’s technology has reportedly been developed over a decade and the company expects further development in 2014, particularly in the areas of Synchronous Ethernet and virtual services.

Earlier this year, ADVA’s Ethernet technology was deployed by the DE-CIX internet exchange in Frankfurt, Germany.

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