BICS launches first fraud solution with cVidya

BICS launches first fraud solution with cVidya

BICS has launched FraudGuard – a fraud detection and prevention solution – to increase fraud awareness across its wholesale network.

FraudGuard has been created as part of a partnership with cVidya, announced in May this year, and is designed to create an active community of telecoms companies to curb and control suspicious activity.

The platform is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package to carriers and operators, and it is hoped the system will provide a means of combatting fraudulent practices in the industry.

"There is no longer any reason to allow fraud into the business," said Jorn Vercamert, head of voice business management at BICS.

"Once operators acknowledge and accept the gravity of the problem, they can share approaches and solutions with others."

The solution is based on a crowdsourcing model and is equipped with revenue analytics from cVidya for the delivery of fully integrated solutions.

"In a crowdsourcing model, a community is designed to raise everybody's ability to win the battle against fraud," Vercamert explained.

"The enormous amount of voice traffic carried by the BICS wholesale network offers broad-based insights into fraudulent voice practices, given the traffic patterns they create and the exceptions to routine usage that become evident in such an environment."

The FraudGuard solution can be immediately deployed and utilised and is available globally from today (September 3).

Last month, BICS launched its roaming intelligence solution to monitor 2G, 3G and 4G traffic.

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