Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise launches SDN solution

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise launches SDN solution

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has launched a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution in a bid to tackle the rising capacity issues associated with smartphone and IT-based data application growth.

The French vendor developed SDN² with network platform company SDNsquare to provide automated flow-based end-to-end network provisioning.

Data throughput requirements and traffic patterns are seen as key problem areas with the increasing popularity of real-time applications, which have been straining traditional enterprise networks.

With big data volume doubling every two years on top of exponential growth of smartphone owners, Rene Princz-Schelter, director of presales and product marketing at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise argues that the only way to tackle it is via SDN.

He says that "adding more boxes and bandwidth is expensive, and only uses 10% of the network capacity. The networks of the future need intelligence that supplies the level of service depending on the application and demand – not the number of boxes”.

Belgium-based company SDNsquare has created an underlying system that automatically handles all the detailed network configurations. It eliminates traffic interference and congestion (normally found on an IP network) by taking care of the individual switch configurations along each path.

Luc Andries, CTO, SDNsquare said: “No longer does the user have to define elements such as virtual local area networks, access control lists or routing tables. Our Expert System constructs a network topology and configuration for you – and this can be ready for deployment in less than 15 minutes.”

In June of this year NTT Communications announced plans to launch SDN-based cloud services to customers in Japan.

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