Geo Networks and Tsohost partner for dark fibre network across London

Fibre provider Geo Networks and cloud hosting firm Tsohost have partnered for the roll-out of 150km of dark fibre between Slough and London’s Docklands in the UK.

The seven-year contract it is hoped will provide Tsohost with a low-latency Gigabit fibre connection to support its hosting and domain registration services.

A large part of the network will run through London’s sewers andit is hoped that its instalment will be finalised in time for the launch of Tsohost’s new data centre in October 2013.

“Our non-traditional service model means users can take control of their network, scaling up to accommodate future business growth without significant additional bandwidth costs,” said Chris Smedley, chief executive at Geo. “We are well placed to serve providers like Tsohost where resilience is essential with our network based in the sewers and alongside the gas lines, offering unparalleled security and reliability.”

At the end of last year Geo Networks completed an optical ring linking the UK and Ireland.