NTT upgrades transpacific cable to 100Gbps

NTT upgrades transpacific cable to 100Gbps

Japan-based NTT Communications has more than doubled the capacity on its transpacific submarine cable in response to growing data demands.

The firm has upgraded its PC-1 Japan-to-US cable system with 100Gbps technology, increasing its capacity to 8.4Tbps.

In what the company says is the world’s first deployment of 100Gbps digital coherent technology on a transpacific route, NTT is aiming to address consumer data demands as a result of increased use of smartphones, tablets, cloud computing and social networking.

By the end of next year it hopes to deploy the same 100Gbps communication over its 7,800km Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) which joins major cities in Asia. The ASE was launched in August 2012 and was connected to a landing station in Hong Kong in December.

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