Telstra Global joins Cloud Industry Forum

Telstra Global joins Cloud Industry Forum

Australian service provider Telstra Global has become the latest establishment to join UK-based cloud organisation, the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

Its addition to the organisation follows Telstra Global’s launch of global cloud infrastructure services last month, and is expected to benefit the CIF’s strategy for educating and encouraging best practice in CSPs.

“The cloud industry has enjoyed enormous growth over the last few years, but end users continue to express concerns about data security, data privacy and sovereignty,” said Alex Hilton, CEO of CIF.

“Clearly, the cloud industry needs to provide more clarity and practical guidance to allay these natural concerns.”

Hilton believes Telstra shares the CIF’s vision for best practice in accountability, capability and transparency in the cloud arena, and hopes its addition will benefit the industry as a whole.

Martin Bishop, global head of hosting services at Telstra Global, said: “The developments and innovations occurring in the cloud computing space are very exciting...but cloud providers must remain focussed on solving the customer’s requirements while providing consistency and clarity within their service offerings.”

Bishop believes that despite its complexity, the global cloud universe can, and should, act as a platform to allow businesses worldwide to benefit from it.

“That is why we are pleased to support the Cloud Industry Forum and its drive to adopt an industry-wide Code of Practice that helps to provide end-users with a clear path to achieving cloud computing success,” he added.

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