MPs question BT’s UK broadband monopoly

MPs question BT’s UK broadband monopoly

A UK government committee has criticised the partly state-funded rollout of broadband in rural regions of the country.

The committee, which is chaired by UK MP Margaret Hodge, has called into question the lack of competition and BT’s relative monopoly, as reported by Financial Times.

Competing companies to BT have voiced concerns over the confusion in the bidding process for £530million of state funds.

The network roll out plans to provide access to over 90% of the UK by 2015 is reportedly already two years behind schedule and without competition. Both MPs and telecoms rivals have cited a lack of transparency in the process and earlier this year, the process was further delayed after all remaining bidders dropped out.

A BT spokesman said: “We are shocked and mystified by some of the ill-informed comments played back by members of the committee today. Deploying fibre broadband is a complex, long-term investment but that was ignored today as MPs prioritised sound bites over analysis.”

Earlier this month BT announced that it would be partnering with the Scottish government to introduce high-speed fibre broadband in the country.

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