HKT launches enterprise cloud service

HKT launches enterprise cloud service

Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) has launched HKT Enterprise Cloud, a carrier-grade enterprise cloud service.

The service is designed to enable enterprise customers to manage virtual infrastructure such as CPU, storage, RAM and network, according to their specific needs.

“In Hong Kong, many CIOs now have a strong demand for cloud manageability, scalability and flexibility,” said Tom Chan, managing director of commercial groups at HKT.

“With HKT Enterprise Cloud, CIOs can easily allocate from a resource pool to meet different user needs in a controlled and secure environment to comply with their data policies.”

HKT has partnered with HP for the service, and will utilise the software providers cloud infrastructure to deliver benefits such as faster time to market, as well as low skill-set investment and CAPEX.

“Working with HKT, HP has built and developed a world-class, secure enterprise cloud computing solution that will enable customers towards a hybrid delivery model, as well as introduce new market opportunities to HKT,” said Cally Chan, managing director of HP Hong Kong.

HKT claims to be the only service provider in Hong Kong offering this type of service in the enterprise cloud market, and earlier this year, was reported to be one of four Hong Kong operators preparing a legal dispute regarding the allocation of 3G spectrum.

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