PCCW Global introduces HD video calling service

PCCW Global introduces HD video calling service

Hong Kong-based voice and data provider PCCW Global has launched a HD video calling service for carriers and enterprise customers.

The service is said to offer carriers the ability to deliver switched video calling using existing business models developed for the voice market.

For PCCW Global’s enterprise customers, it is said to offer a managed class of service and guaranteed video quality endpoint-to-endpoint.

“HD communications is enjoying tremendous growth as enterprises are looking for high-quality but cost-effective communications solutions. Our HD video calling service can deliver the same excellent customer experience with video that carriers have been always delivering for voice via a traditional PSTN system, while providing managed class of service and guaranteed quality,” said Jordick Wong, PCCW Global’s SVP of product and vendor management.

HD service aims to give users the convenience and seamlessness of using a telephone within a high quality digital product.

PCCW Global’s CEO, Marc Halbfinger, first spoke about the importance of the HD video over a year ago in an interview with Capacity.


At the time, Halbfinger described video conferencing as coming of age, particularly through an emphasis on quality over quantity: “I think that HD in general is going to be forcing a more aggressive view of Quality-of-Service (QoS) requirements, because HD can not suffer packet loss – you need to have well functioning networks from end device to end device."


Since then industry interest has grown in the service area, with industry initiatives such as the High Definition Video Conferencing Initiative (HDVC) being set up to help create an interoperable, multi-operator environment for video calls.

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