TI Sparkle launches new PoPs in Europe

TI Sparkle launches new PoPs in Europe

TI Sparkle has expanded its high speed access capabilities to its Seabone IP Transit and Lan2Lan services with two new PoPs located in London Telecity 2 and in Amsterdam Equinix.

The development represents a new addition to TI Sparkle’s presence in European Telehouses to deliver SDH and Ethernet services.

The new PoPs are expected to provide more cost efficient access to Sparkle’s Global IP Transit backbone Seabone. As part of the development, the company’s Lan2Lan customers will also extend Ethernet technology from a local environment to anywhere in the world using Sparkle’s IP backbone as a transport layer.

Seabone serves as TI Sparkle’s Tier-1 IPV6 enabled global IP transit backbone and the company claims its infrastructure ranks in top 10 worldwide.


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