Network Utility Forces deploys Wifi network in Georgia

Network Utility Forces deploys Wifi network in Georgia

Atlanta-based Network Utility Force has announced the deployment of an outdoor IPv6 enabled municipal Wifi network in Douglasville Georgia.

The municipal Wifi network covers about 60 acres collectively, making the development one of the largest networks available in the city.

As part of the deployment, the company created scalable and reliable architecture from Wifi access points, as well as wireless backhaul and aggregation from vendors. “We implemented sophisticated network engineering practises for robust and extended wireless coverage to meet present and future demands,” said Brandon Ross, co founder and CEO at Network Utility Force.

“This resulted in a deployment that is one of the first public Wifi networks with native support for the latest revision of IPv6.”

The deployment was part paid for by Google a part of its community outreach program, and network access will be free. “It will be a significant asset for the citizens and visitors of Douglasville, helping to attract new business, and enhancing the experience of our festivals, parades, concerts, sports and other events throughout the year.”