Teraco connects into AMS-IX

Teraco connects into AMS-IX

South African data centre provider, Teraco Data Environments, has announced a connection to AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange).

AMS-IX interconnects over 550 IP networks and the connection with Teraco, effective from this month, is expected to bring Africa substantially closer to Europe in terms of connectivity.

Lex van Wyk, CEO at Teraco Data Environments, said that the connection will make it easier and faster for African ISPs to tap into global carrier networks, resulting in high-speed connectivity at a reduced cost.

“Through NAPAfrica and Africa Cloud eXchange (ACX) these ecosystems are a reality, providing smaller ISPs and many start-ups with world-class infrastructure and enabling them to compete on an equal footing,” van Wyk said.

Teraco already offers connectivity to major international carriers, mobile carriers, local carriers and fibre infrastructure providers across Africa.

“By peering at NAPAfrica in Teraco, we are able to broaden our own horizons into the African continent and allow African parties to access more than 550 IP networks at our exchange,” said Job Witteman, CEO at AMS-IX.

“We’re excited to be able to play our part in bringing global content to citizens across Africa in this way.”

The deal further strengthens AMS-IX’s efforts to interconnect Africa, and follows its recent partnership with Etisalat.

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