Huawei launches SDN strategy

Huawei has revealed its SDN strategy for carriers, which has a particular focus on cloud computing.

SoftCOM follows a trend from leading equipment makers which are exploring ways to virtualise SDN architectures.

Huawei’s SoftCOM vision is made up of four elements which are designed to help operators reshape the way they manage networks and operations.

“Current network infrastructure designs have not kept pace with ever-growing requirements and in our conversations with telecoms operators, we know that they are struggling to keep up with the rapid network upgrades necessary to support their customers’ increasing demand for bandwidth and personalised services,” said professor Sanqi Li, CTO of the carrier network business group at Huawei.

“The industry must recognise the need for changes in its approach to managing network architecture, and that these changes should not be made in isolation.”

In recent months, Alcatel, Cisco and Juniper have all announced acquisitions or initiatives drawing together fledgling SDN projects and cloud-based services.

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