Epsilon launches last-mile solution

Epsilon launches last-mile solution

Global network exchange provider Epsilon has launched a last-mile connectivity solution designed to help network operators deliver enterprises networks.

eConnect claims to remove the need for network operators to pursue multiple agreements, allowing them to gain last mile connectivity for their enterprise customers wherever they need.

The company claims the solution will create time and cost savings for operators, as it will handle processes such as quoting, ordering and provisioning networks as well as service management and billing.

“Epsilon’s outsourcing model has simplified interconnection for network operators between global telecoms hubs and we are taking that a step further by including the last mile,” said Irwin Fouwels, chief commercial officer at Epsilon.

“It’s a logical move that our operator partners and prospects are demanding.”

This new solution will leverage Epsilon’s network exchange which connects over 400 domestic and international operators.

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