China Telecom Europe targets Central Asian countries

China Telecom Europe targets Central Asian countries

China Telecom Europe (CTE) is helping bring connectivity to Central Asian countries after extending its network to Kyrgyzstan.

The subsidiary of China Telecom plans to follow this up by extending its network to Turkmenistan before the end of the year.

The move will help bring international connectivity to the Central Asian region, allowing greater access to markets in both the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

Yan Ou, managing director at CTE, said the company will help serve the growing demand for mobile and broadband services in these Central Asian countries. “We are able to provide them with connectivity to the east and west,” he added.

The Silk Road communications network between Europe and Asia is designed to increase communications links and provide Asian businesses with a gateway to expand into the EMEA region.

The company has established four diversified terrestrial cables linking Europe and Asia since embarking on the Information Silk Road project in 2006. It worked with a range of Russian and Kazakh partners to launch the latest of these; the transit-Kazakhstan fibre-optic cable.

CTE services mainly address voice, data, video and IP applications that require routing across both the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions and offers single channel speeds of up to 10Gbps.

The company’s growth in Europe in a short space of time has recnetly been commended by analysts.

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