Spanish operators launch RCS capabilities

The GSMA has announced today that operators in Spain, including Movistar, Orange and Vodafone will have full access to joyn, the consumer platform for rich communication suite (RCS) capabilities.

According to the GSMA, the launch of interoperable rich communications solutions means Spain becomes the first country in the world to offer the services fully.

As a result of the development, joyn enables consumers to access enriched messaging or voice calls by exchanging both images and videos during calls, in a private and secure manner, regardless of network or mobile device.

The move is seen as a major development for mobile operators in the continuing bid to compete with over-the-top players, with developments in RCS essential to achieve that.

Michael O’Hara, CMO at the GSMA, heralded the implementation of a new technology as a sign of alignment in the industry between numerous players. “The initial implementation of a new technology clearly required a major effort and strong leadership in the alignment of the ecosystem of manufacturers, developers, integrators and operators,” he said.

“Consumers from across the world will benefit from the leading efforts of these three operators in Spain.”

The GSMA confirmed joyn services will be available from individual operators in Germany and the US, with further nationwide, cross operator implementations expected in Germany later this year, and further to other European countries during 2013.