Etisalat launches mobile peering internet exchange

Etisalat launches mobile peering internet exchange

Etisalat has launched a neutral mobile internet exchange in its Smarthub facility in Dubai.

The exchange is said to allow both regional and international mobile operators to peer with each other on a neutral basis.

It is also said to provide opportunities for mobile content companies to service and reach out to a community of users from a single location.

Etisalat's EVP of carrier and wholesale services, Ali Amiri, said the move will help support the "amazing growth" of mobile data in the region and globally.

"This evolution of the Smarthub brings tremendous value to our mobile service clients and portfolio, which includes signalling, SMS, GRX and international voice services. It is an opportunity to make the UAE the regional centre for mobile internet content, undoubtedly the fastest growth area globally," he added.

The neutral mobile peering exchange hopes to attract mobile content providers and customers with faster web access. It will also address the growing demand for access to 4G LTE speeds on international roaming.

Smarthub claims to be the region's largest IP exchange and access point, supporting regional ISP's and global content providers.

Earlier this week, Etisalat's rival du signed a strategic alliance with Equinix aimed at establishing a carrier neutral hub, where carriers, content providers, cloud providers, financial service and enterprise customers can co-locate data infrastructure.

Etisalat received the Capacity award for 'Best Middle Eastern wholesale carrier' earlier this month.

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