Voxbone to provide DID services to Aculab

Voxbone to provide DID services to Aculab

Voxbone has today announced an agreement with Aculab to provide international direct inward dialling (DID) numbers to its cloud platform.

The deal is designed to enable easier access for developers to create automated telephony applications that can make, receive and interact with calls.

Voxbone’s VoxDID service uses an application programming interface solution, and the company maintains a supply of geographic and national phone numbers in over 50 countries across 40,000 cities.

With the increasing industry migration to VoIP and cloud services, DIDs are seen by the industry as key to that evolution.

“As more service providers create services and applications based on the cloud, we are seeing increasing demand for our inbound communications services,” said Voxbone CEO, Rod Ullens. “By using our VoxDID service, Aculab will enable its customers to build better apps more easily and rapidly.”

“Voxbone’s DIDs numbers and high-quality network services enable us to enhance the resources developers can use to meet their customers’ needs for cloud-based communications,” added Faye McClenahan, head of strategic marketing at Aculab.

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