iBasis and AMS-IX strike IPX agreement

iBasis and AMS-IX strike IPX agreement

KPN-owned iBasis’ IPX deal with Dutch internet exchange AMS-IX, announced at Capacity Europe yesterday, came as a result of increasing demand from mobile operators to leverage IPX technology, a senior iBasis executive told Capacity Daily.


It is thought iBasis is aggressively ramping up its IPX portfolio, and will tap into AMS-IX’s Inter-IPX service. iBasis will use the deal and utilise AMS-IX’s one-stop shop in a bid to interconnect with IPX providers and exchange voice and data services.

Mark Phimister, regional vice president, Europe at iBasis, told Capacity Daily of the next-generation and IP-centric benefits iBasis customers can expect as a result of this deal.

He said: “iBasis is experiencing increasing demand from mobile operators to leverage IPX technology to support multi-service innovation. The partnership with AMS-IX enables iBasis to offer its customers high-quality voice, LTE signalling, GRX and SIGTRAN services over a single IPX interconnect in Amsterdam.”

The AMS-IX open interconnect solution will allow iBasis’ customers to peer IP traffic with other mobile networks, and the platform is designed to provide cost savings by bundling multiple services over a single managed interconnect in one facility.

Mobile services supported includes premium voice IPX, LTE signalling and GRX. “AMS-IX not only offers us a single point where we can exchange multiple services quickly with many different mobile operators, it also gives us guaranteed end-to-end quality of service through the Inter-IPX SLA,” said Chris Lengyel, iBasis’ director of strategic marketing and new products.

AMS-IX has placed a particular focus on IPX providers in developing its portfolio of services. It says it is targeting the “challenge of a future in which the distinction between mobile and fixed networking will gradually disappear”. The offering accommodates both regional and neighbouring IPX networks, enabling efficient interconnection to cover more territory, content and volume.

“We are pleased that iBasis has chosen to connect to our Inter-IPX service and in this way recognises the value of this service for its organisation and end-users,” said Cara Mascini, CMO of AMS-IX. “With its innovative and high level of service, iBasis is a valuable addition to our Inter-IPX community.”

iBasis announced a similar deal in May at ITW 2012, when it partnered with Telecom Italia Sparkle to leverage both networks and provide support for numerous services, including LTE roaming, video conferencing and HD voice.

At the time, iBasis CTO Ajay Joseph, outlined to Capacity Daily the importance of partnering with carriers across the world to establish a wider IPX footprint. IPX is seen as a major service with scope for development by many of the top carriers and service providers in the market today.

Analysts predict IPX investment and scaling the platform will rapidly increase the movement towards increased IP services across wholesale telecommunications.

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