Operators target evolution beyond traditional wholesale

Operators target evolution beyond traditional wholesale

Carriers and OTT players have yesterday pledged a commitment to work together to secure strong cooperative business models for the future.

With an increasing trend towards next-generation services and the uptake of data centric and OTT services, wholesale operators are looking at ways to profit from new traffic streams.

Carriers including GTS CE and Telecom Italia Sparkle said it was essential to move away from traditional models and address the OTT market as end users increase demands for OTT services on its networks.

“It’s not a time to panic or be pessimistic, but more a time to understand about where we need to go,” said Riccardo Delleani, CEO at Telecom Italia Sparkle.

“We have been looking to embrace the OTT for over a year now and we are already offering services that mean we are not just a connectivity provider anymore.”

James Segil, president at CDN operator Edgecast Networks, said he had also seen an increasing commitment by wholesale carriers to tap into different services. He said: “Operators have between 15 and 20 different projects they are working on, which revolves around reducing costs and changing business models in numerous ways.”

Sparkle has traditionally served as a pure wholesale provider and offers a range of IP, voice and managed bandwidth solutions. Delleani said he wanted Sparkle to be thought of as a “smart global telco player” and not just a “traditional global wholesale carrier”.

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