I can't wait for Capacity Europe

I can't wait for Capacity Europe

AT&T outlines $14 billion US network investment

US carrier AT&T has outlined $14 billion investment over the next three years to significantly expand its wireless and wireline broadband networks to support IP data growth and demand for mobile application and cloud services.

The investment plan named Project Velocity IP (VIP) consists of several individual wireline and wireless initiatives and is designed to expand AT&Ts highest potential growth platforms and to drive continued revenue increases from existing and new products.

“This is a major commitment to invest in 21st Century communications infrastructure for the United States and bring high-speed Internet connectivity — 4G LTE mobile and wireline IP broadband — to millions more Americans,” said Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman and CEO. “We have the opportunity to improve AT&T’s revenue growth and cost structure for years to come, and create substantial value for shareowners.”

Stephenson said that revenues in all of AT&T’s key growth areas - wireless, data, U-verse and strategic business services - were growing at a double digit rate and that Project VIP would expand the carrier’s potential to make them available to more customers.

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