Tata Communications predicts 40-60% internet bandwidth growth in 2013

Tata Communications predicts 40-60% internet bandwidth growth in 2013

A senior Tata Communications official has predicted that global internet bandwidth will grow by between 40 to 60% next year.

The company’s CTO and president of product management and service development, John Hayduk, said such growth is being driven by an expanding user base, proliferation of smart devices and new services. Service providers, he added, will be challenged to keep pace with the hunger for bandwidth.

“When video started to become a tangible entity on the network we saw huge uptick across the networks, particularly with the advent of platforms such as YouTube. Coupled with increasing penetration rates in emerging markets, we should have anticipated an explosion in demand for bandwidth,” said Hayduk.

“In certain areas of the world, for example India, Asia and South Africa, we are seeing a growth rate of 100-120% thanks to improved infrastructure, and new services such as mobile money.”

Hayduk advised service providers to cost effectively increase the capacity of their network in a significant way, and ensure that their networks have a robust infrastructure.

“The lessons learnt over the last few years need to be digested and analysed and they need to understand how they can future-proof their provisions to ensure they can deliver the services demanded on their network, to the level of quality required,” added Hayduk.