Vega Telecom joins AMS-IX internet exchange

Ukrainian provider Vega Telecom Group has joined the AMS-IX internet exchange in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The move follows Vega’s connection to the Moscow traffic exchange point in May and is considered an important step for improving quality and quantity of data exchange and internet access services in the Ukraine.

Connection to AMS-IX will enable Vega to exchange traffic with more than 500 participants, boosting the provider’s position on the international market.

“Our connection to AMS-IX is an opportunity of direct traffic exchange with key European service providers,” said Nataliya Agarkova director of carrier relations at Vega Group. “After we connected to Moscow traffic exchange point in May, joining AMS-IX is the next important step to the improvement of quality and quantity growth of data exchange and Internet access services for customers, providers and operators of telecom services in Ukraine. Connection to AMS-IX will also strengthen our position on the international market, where Vega Telecom Group is represented by the Ucomline brand.”