NGMN and GTI to cooperate on LTE

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance and Global TD LTE Initiative (GTI) have finalised a cooperation agreement to collaborate on progressing LTE technology.

The cooperation will include the alignment of technical requirements, sharing of experiences and identifying and carrying out joint technical cooperation projects. In addition, both organisations will align their public messages and actions, including communications to standards development organisations.

By sharing information and projects, NGMN and GTI believe that they will avoid duplication of their efforts. Both organisations share the viewpoint that LTE is a single technology, and are working together to converge TD LTE and FD LTE.

“The cooperation will aim to enable and support timely delivery to market of next-generation mobile broadband technology - both of TD LTE and FD LTE. It will also enable synergies between TD LTE and FD LTE and the convergence of TD LTE/ FD LTE solutions, while avoiding fragmentation of the market,” said Peter Meissner, operating officer of the NGMN Alliance.