Intelsat and Eutelsat to launch satellites with Sea Launch

Intelsat and Eutelsat to launch satellites with Sea Launch

Satellite solutions company Sea Launch has been selected for the launch of two new telecoms satellites, EUTELSAT 70B and Intelsat 27. Both satellites will take off from Sea Launch’s Odyssey platform in the Pacific Ocean.

EUTELSAT 70B will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2012 and take an optimal position, covering Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia and provide at least 15 years service. The satellite will more than double Eutelsat’s capacity at 70.5 degrees for data and government services, broadband access, GSM backhauling and professional video exchanges. Its launch follows that of EUTELSAT 16A in October 2011.

Intelsat 27 will be launched in early 2013 and will serve Intelsat’s customers in the Americas and Europe. It is designed to provide 15 years of service with increased and enhanced capacity for media, network and government services.

"With six satellites scheduled for launch in the next year, a diversity of reliable solutions for Intelsat's access to space is essential," said Thierry Guillemin, Intelsat's SVP and CTO. "We are pleased to rely on Sea Launch once again to support some of these critical missions."

Intelsat announced in June 2011, that it will invest $1.3 billion into its Asia-Pacific satellite fleet. A proportion of this sum will go to Sea Launch, which is already scheduled to launch Intelsat 19 in May and Intelsat 21 in the third quarter of 2012.

Sea Launch and Intelsat signed a multiple launch services agreement in 2010 for up to five missions .

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