TE SubCom replaces GlobeNet’s Bermuda-US cable segment

TE SubCom replaces GlobeNet’s Bermuda-US cable segment

Construction has begun on the replacement for GlobeNet’s Segment 5 subsea cable system, which links between Bermuda and the US. The cable is being replaced by TE SubCom, which constructed the original Segment 5 in 1997.

The replacement 1,350km cable is designed to support 150 wavelengths per fibre-pair at 100Gbps per wavelength, giving a total design capacity of 30Tbps. It is claimed that the cable will provide more than 30 times the current capacity between Bermuda and the US.

The project also includes the supply of TE SubCom submarine link terminating equipment (SLTE) which is claimed to allow multiple high-quality, high-bandwidth optical signals over long distances.

“Upon successful completion, the Segment 5 Replacement will serve as a needed enhancement for the entire GlobeNet system and will support growing capacity demands between North and South America well into the future,” said David Robles, sales director Americas region, TE SubCom.

Segment 5 is part of the GlobeNet sub marine cable network, which connects between Bermuda, Brazil, Colombia, US and Venezuela. The replacement is being performed to meet growing demand for internet and video services.