Virgin Media Business partners with MBNL

Virgin Media Business partners with MBNL

As part of a drive to enhance 3G services available in the UK, Virgin Media Business has signed a deal worth over £100 million with mobile backhaul provider Mobile Broadband Network (MBNL).

MBNL manages the 3G access networks solution for Everything Everywhere and 3, as part of a network sharing agreement between the two operators struck in 2007. As part of the deal announced today, Virgin Media Business is to roll out its Sync-E solution to support the rise in usage of high-bandwidth applications like HD video and data access across 14 regions in the UK to benefit subscribers from both networks.

“We are moving the market on,” said Brendan Lynch, director of wholesale markets at Virgin Media Business. “This solution will provide 1Gbps access to each individual site, meaning subscribers can travel between cells with no loss of connectivity. With the explosion of mobile data, it is now time to unleash the full potential of these bandwidth hungry applications.”

Virgin Media Business said the agreement ties in to the potential for 4G connectivity, considering the increased use next-generation 4G fibre networks will mean a more “aggressive use of data and bandwidth,” added Lynch. “Workforces and consumers are becoming increasingly mobile and the increasing requirement for scaleable networks is underpinned by next-generation fibre – this partnership creates a good fit for all parties concerned.”

The companies anticipate data traffic will increase by over 33 times in the next decade, and clearly presents a huge opportunity for a company like MBNL to enhance access network services through its mobile backhaul solution. Graham Payne, MD at MBNL said: “Connecting our end users to the online world, from any location and from any device is at the heart of what we do.”

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