KDDI adds six international points to its Gateway

KDDI adds six international points to its Gateway

Japanese telco, KDDI, will add six points to its internet Gateway in the US, China and Singapore.

The hubs will be launched in New York, Los Angeles, San Jose and Pal Alto and Hong Kong and Singapore on May 18th 2011.

Customers in Japan, the US, Hong Kong and Singapore will have access to increased capacity, as a result of the company’s latest development. KDDI’s customers include operators, ISPs and content providers that require higher bandwidths for services and will now have increased access internet exchange points in Japan and the US from Hong Kong and Singapore through high-capacity IP backbones using KDDI’s subsea cables across the Pacific and Asia.

George Hoffman, group manager, Communications IDC Japan said: "Due to the lack of growth in the domestic market, more and more MNCs are beginning to expand their operations overseas. KDDI is basically following its customers overseas."

As the world prepares to move over to IPv6, KDDI will offer customers the choices whether use services solely on IPv4 or IPv6 or use both on one line connected by BGP (Global AS) or Static.

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