Series of MOUs between China Mobile and SK Telecom

Series of MOUs between China Mobile and SK Telecom

Recent days have seen China Mobile and SK Telecom of Korea sign a series of memorandums of understanding (MOU) designed to increase co-operation and build on the strengths of both parties to develop their respective businesses.

The first MOU was signed on 1st April to announce a programme of collaboration in research and development. The two telcos agreed to jointly develop “new, next-generation technologies in four key ICT areas”: next-generation networks; device platforms; machine-to-machine (M2M); and WAC, or mobile internet. Among other things, the two agreed to build a joint R&D laboratory, which they intend to use to lead the global standardisation of new platform business.

Hong Sung-Cheol, CTO of SK Telecom, said: “The technological collaboration between the top telecoms companies in Korea and China will help SK Telecom shape the next-generation ICT standards and become the first to provide differentiated services across the world."

This was followed by announcement today that SK Telecom has issued a second MOU, this time with China Mobile Jiangsu, China Mobile’s gaming arm. Under this agreement, the two businesses will jointly develop content and platforms in all areas of mobile games and M2M.

SK Telecom and China Mobile first met in September 2010, when they agreed in principle to ongoing collaboration in R&D so that their two companies could, modestly, “lead the world in technological development.” The two companies have partnered before, notably working together on the development of LTE technology.

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