Tinet launches an ‘EtherCloud’

Tinet launches an ‘EtherCloud’

Tinet, a Neutral Tandem company, has launched its own ‘EtherCloud’ service, designed to provide end-to-end international Ethernet and VPLS connectivity.

Tinet was acquired by US-based network operator and Ethernet exchange operator Neutral Tandem last year, giving Tinet greater global credibility. Neutral Tandem made it clear that one of the main reasons for the acquisition was to expand the company from a solely voice interconnection company into a global IP-based network service.

The EtherCloud joint venture is a result of the extensive systems integration which followed Tinet’s acquisition, and allows users access to any of Tinet’s 120 global points of presence. The service will allow carriers to extend their network reach and enable those with local Ethernet services to market their offerings to customers worldwide.

Surendra Saboo, president and COO of Neutral Tandem said: “EtherCloud interconnects diverse networks, simplifying the delivery of Ethernet and VPLS service on a global basis.” The new EtherCloud relies on Tinet’s global MPLS backbone as a distributed switched network to interconnect partner networks through a single E-NNI.

As well as simplifying connections, the new service offered value for businesses, explained Paolo Gambini, chief marketing officer at Tinet: “The offering is further strengthened by end-to-end SLAs to meet demands for enterprise customers.” The service can be used by local or regional carriers, ISPs, value-added resellers and system integrators.

“Customers are looking for a provider to assemble an end-to-end solution for their off-net Ethernet connectivity needs,” said Roopashree Honnachari, a senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. Tinet is promoting itself as providing a more flexible service, giving customers the choice as to how they want to connect. The portal allows its users to receive price quotes, check for available capacity, order services and monitor service performance.

Last year, in Europe alone it was estimated that almost 40% of enterprises were deploying Ethernet services, according to a report by Forrester. This was more than a 50% growth from the previous year, showing the rapid progression of the sector and its future potential.

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