Interoute puts video in the cloud

Interoute puts video in the cloud

European network operatorInteroute has added managed video conferencing and telepresence services to its portfolio with the acquisition of Swedish company Visual Conference Group (VCG).


 Interoute has begun offering conferencing services as part of its cloud-based offer

Conferencing services will now be part of Interoute’s cloud-based offer, and available as a video-as-a-service model, said the telco’s UK regional director Lee Myall.

“VCG is a brilliant match for us, since video conferencing needs just the sort of network we provide,” he said. “We’ll be selling these managed services both to VCG customers and to our own existing enterprise customers. If our wholesale customers are interested, we’ll sell it to them too. On the channel front, Myall said: “I’d expect a lot of interest from virtual network operators wanting to use us to provide video services for their customers.”

Myall said there is increasing demand for collaborative services that are integrated with a high-bandwidth, low-latency network: “As demand for combined voice and video goes up, we are trying to lower the barrier for using such a service. You don’t have to manage your own platform now.”

“We are at the tipping point in the adoption of video conferencing, as enterprises are looking for ways to improve communication, speed up decision making and reduce travel costs and CO2 emissions,” said VCG CEO Patrik Christiansen. “Now that telepresence is entering the mainstream adoption phase, it made sense for us to accelerate the expansion of our services across Europe.”

“The main point to remember when conducting any business across the cloud is that a robust network is essential,” said Justin Fielder, CTO of managed services provider Easynet Global Services, another provider of telepresence services. “Whether it’s the internet or a private network, a unified communications strategy using the cloud is a strain on the system. Without the right foundations, it will collapse.”

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