Satellite broadband to fill in Europe’s white spots

Satellite broadband to fill in Europe’s white spots

Satellite service provider SES ASTRA is offering its ASTRA2-Connect broadband to telcos to help them service parts of Europe without terrestrial broadband networks.

It claimed the ‘sub-distribution service’ will allow telecoms operators, and also internet service providers, to deliver satellite-based broadband connections to so-called ‘white spots’ via existing last-mile infrastructure. The service, said SES ASTRA, provides small communities in mainly rural areas with broadband connections of up to 6Mbps without the need to install a satellite antenna in homes. The satellite broadband connection is installed in cabinets, with the connection to the end customer realised via the last-mile infrastructure already in place.

“Our sub-distribution solution has the potential to close white spots while promoting co-operation between infrastructure providers and telco operators at the same time,” said Norbert Hölzle, chief commercial officer at SES ASTRA. “It is an attractive service for communities, for internet service providers and for end customers alike.”

ASTRA2Connect already has more than 75,000 end-users in Europe, making it the largest satellite-based broadband network on the continent.

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