Blackburn Networks to build Boriken subsea cable

Blackburn Networks to build Boriken subsea cable

11 February 2020 | Natalie Bannerman


Blackburn Networks has announced plans to build a new subsea cable in the Caribbean referred to as the Boriken Subsea Cable System (BSCS).

The new 670km system will connect Aguadilla, Humacao and Ponce in Puerto Rico; Frederiksted, US Virgin Islands; and Macao Beach in the Dominican Republic.

Announced through a series of social posts, Blackburn Networks confirmed that it had won the contract to deploy the new system in late December.

[Image of Boriken Subsea Cable System on TeleGeography map}

It added that it has planned, designed and will install the system independently, and comes as a solution to dense concentration of cables in the region.

“The BSCS would provide redundancy to all the systems in the north because there is no other way to ensure resiliency in the telecommunications industry if these were rendered inoperable,” said Charles Chimaras, project director at Blackburn Networks.

With an RFS date of Q4 2023, the company has yet to share any further timelines on the project.