O3b partners Ozonio for connectivity in the Amazon

30 June 2016 |

Satellite operator O3b has partnered with regional distributor Ozonio to deliver 3G and 4G connectivity to Tefe, Brazil.

The service is available for residential, corporate and government customers who provide connectivity in the city, located in the Amazon with over 60,000 people.

O3b’s service is based on the “pay as you grow” concept which enables the operator to purchase the amount of megabits per second required – and then increasing that capacity over time, if needed. It claims to have the ability to scale to “hundreds or even thousands of Mbps, always it a low response time”.  

"Our technology provides the same high quality connectivity for a remote region as a large urban center would have,” said Sandro Barros, general manager of O3b Networks in Brazil. “We want to bring to Tefé citizens, as well as many other similarly under-connected cities in Brazil, the ability to access the same type of connection found in Rio or São Paulo. Any city that has difficulty being connected with fibre is a potential market for O3b."

O3b said that it is also considering providing connectivity in other remote Brazilian cities with “significant population density, but with poor internet connectivity and mobile service no better than 2G”. The company plans to add eight more satellites to its existing 12 satellites by 2018.