Sonera acquires AinaCom operations to strengthen position in Finland

11 March 2014 | Sophie Donoghue

The Finnish arm of TeliaSonera, Sonera, is set to strengthen its position in the Finnish market by acquiring Norway-based AinaCom’s consumer operations and fixed network business.

The Finnish operator expects the €47 million acquisition to generate savings.

“With the agreement, Sonera strengthens its position in the Hämeenlinna region while also deepening its co-operation with AinaCom’s remaining B2B business,” said Valdur Laid, who has been appointed head of TeliaSonera Finland from April this year.

The deal includes 15,900 fixed broadband subscriptions, 9,000 fixed voice subscriptions, 29,000 cable TV subscriptions and 10,000 mobile subscriptions.

The deal also incorporates the transfer of employment for 43 people from AinaCom to Sonera.