Empowering lives with innovative solutions
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Empowering lives with innovative solutions

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Priyanka Bramhbhatt, Co-Founder and CEO of Bankai Labs | Joshua Chavez Photography

Priyanka Brahmbatt discusses diversity and inclusion, and reveals the launch of Bankai Labs.

With a lineage steeped in the telecommunications industry, Priyanka Brahmbhatt has carved a distinct path for herself within a sector that has dramatically evolved from the one she glimpsed as a child. As the daughter of Bankim Brahmbhatt, CEO and President of the Bankai Group, she absorbed the pulse of the industry from a young age.

"Growing up, I watched industry leaders, including my father, navigate the seismic shifts from wholesale carrier business to complex data-driven models and value-added services. Today, as we discuss 5G and beyond, the focus has broadened from mere connectivity to empowering lives with innovative solutions," Priyanka reflects.

Her career began at the tender age of 14 when what was meant to be a summer internship at Bankai Group turned into a defining experience, leading to her closing over 42 interconnects. "My professional debut occurred at the 2010 ITW event, marking a significant pivot in the carrier industry towards data and A2P SMS, where technology leads the discourse," she recounts.

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, Priyanka has witnessed significant lack of women in the industry but remains undeterred. "The landscape was predominantly white-collar male when I started. Witnessing the resilience of many women overcoming bias has been profoundly inspiring," she states. 

Despite her impressive credentials, including roles at Salesforce and Google, Priyanka notes the ongoing struggle for women to be recognised as equal experts in technology.

However, she senses a shift in the tide, attributing this to the collective efforts of women who, despite being in the minority, consistently seek to amplify diversity and inclusion through panels, webinars, speaking engagements and actions. "It’s about elevating awareness of the challenges we've historically faced, to pave a smoother path for the generations that follow," she explains.

Looking to the future, Priyanka recently co-founded Bankai Labs after extensive industry research. This cutting-edge deep tech lab specialises in AI consultancy and the development of new-age tech products, aiming to demystify AI and enable businesses to transform their visions into tangible realities. They have 2 Patents & 50+ use cases already rolled out on their CognigenX platform. "Every technological advancement presents an opportunity to improve lives and accelerate human progress. We are committed to helping enterprises craft bespoke AI solutions that enhance their efficiency and innovation," she emphasises.

Bankai Technology Group also pioneer solutions to combat fraud within the communications ecosystem, offering proactive tools like RAFM, SMSC firewalls, and SMS gateways to address challenges such as OTT spam. "Our goal is to tackle the issues operators face head-on, transforming challenges into opportunities," says Priyanka. 

Further expanding its suite of solutions, Bankai Group has also invested in Zeebu, an instant settlement blockchain platform, positioning itself as a one-stop solution for both emerging and established operators. "Whether upgrading legacy systems or launching new ventures, our clients have one reliable partner in Bankai," she asserts.

As the industry continues to evolve, Priyanka is optimistic about achieving a more inclusive future. "We've shifted the conversation around diversity to focus on a unified skill set matrix. It’s not about meeting quotas; it’s about recognising and embracing the expertise and ethics women bring to the table. This isn't just about gender; it's about cerebral equality, its as simple as that" Priyanka concludes, underscoring her vision for a balanced and innovative future in technology and telecommunications.

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