Colt, AWS launch multicast data service for Capital Markets

Colt, AWS launch multicast data service for Capital Markets

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Colt has launched its multicast data service for Capital Markets with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The service solves a complex challenge for exchanges, prime brokers, trading firms, market data vendors and tech providers by hosting and distributing multicast data in the cloud without the need for conversion software.

The launch follows a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) announced by Colt and AWS in October 2022, which saw the two build virtual distribution points-of-presence (PoPs) in the AWS Cloud.

Arthur Rank, global director for Capital Markets Solutions at Colt said: “Capital markets are moving more workloads to the cloud, benefiting from its agility, accessibility and speed, from enhanced security and deeper analytics, but they still face frustrating roadblocks like the problem of hosting and distributing multicast data.

“Partnering with AWS, we’ve addressed this head-on: Colt Market Data in the Cloud is a gamechanger for Capital Markets.

“Colt has an extensive track record in solving Capital Markets challenges in transformational and innovative ways.

“This is the latest example of our commitment to delivering industry-leading services and experiences for our Capital Markets clients, helping them thrive.”

Colt offers market data feeds for equities, derivatives, commodities and FX from over 80 exchanges and liquidity venues worldwide.

Securely sending this market data to multiple parties simultaneously is a key requirement for financial exchanges but getting this data to clients’ cloud environments is complex.

Existing solutions typically require conversion software to change data from multicast to unicast, adding cost and complexity as organisations rewrite and retest applications.

As more and more capital markets firms migrate to the cloud, the problem becomes widespread.

Colt says its Market Data in the Cloud solves this by allowing organisations to host and distribute raw multicast data directly to their customers’ cloud environments in its original format.

This ensures seamless integration with applications, facilitating faster times to market and improving the client experience.

The launch of Colt Market Data in the Cloud is the latest of a series of partnerships and product announcements from Colt.

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