Lumen rolls out 400G network across the US

Lumen rolls out 400G network across the US


Following the company's expansion of its US intercity dark fibre network, Lumen Technologies confirms the build out of its 400Gbps wavelength network across 70 markets.

The deployment means that customers have diverse routing options when building its core digital network. Specifically, wavelength services increase the value of Lumen's network and give businesses the dedicated, secure connectivity that is in demand.

"The Lumen network is our crown jewel, and our network infrastructure solutions are at the core of what we do. We're investing to win," said Miriana Martinova, senior vice president of enterprise core network solutions, Lumen.

"We see a significant demand from enterprises, government agencies, hyperscalers and wholesale customers for high-bandwidth interconnections between their data centres and public cloud. Combining our upgraded intercity fibre network with our next generation wavelength network helps these businesses quickly and securely enable a digital journey that can take them well into the future."

As a result of this expansion, 240 data centres are enabled for 400G Lumen Wavelength Services, with more than 800Tb of capacity available across the network. The company is fulfilling customer orders of more than 50Tb of 400G wavelengths.

In addition, Lumen offers a self-service tool, Topology Viewer, that enables businesses to quote, design and build their own wavelengths across Lumen's North American network.

Lumen Wavelength Services help upgrade customers' core digital network, delivering the required resiliency, scalability and ultra-low latency.

As wavelengths are private, dedicated connections it is more secure than other network solutions, optical encryption also protects data in transit.

The intercity expansion will continue throughout 2023 with future enhancements planned for the Topology Viewer.

Earlier this month, Lumen appointed Ashley Haynes-Gaspar as executive VP for customer success, wholesale and international.

Haynes-Gaspar (pictured) will occupy a similar role to that of Laurinda Pang, who was president of global customer success, covering the international and wholesale businesses, until the end of 2022.

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