YahClick in off-grid power deal to expand services in Africa

YahClick in off-grid power deal to expand services in Africa

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Satellite telecom operator YahClick is teaming up with an off-grid power company to expand its services in Africa.

The Abu Dhabi company is to work with Clear Blue Technologies to offer high-speed connectivity to the continent.

This means it is following UK-based satellite company Avanti, which in July 2021 said it was partnering with Clear Blue Technologies to expand in Africa.

Now YahClick has signed a partnership agreement with Clear Blue, a Canadian solar energy specialist.

Miriam Tuerk (pictured), cofounder and CEO of Clear Blue, said: “YahClick is a leader in broadband and satellite services across Africa. We are thrilled to be their partner as they roll out their customer networks across Africa. And this is only the beginning of Clear Blue’s role in bringing wireless power management solutions to unserved and underserved populations.”

The first installations of the energy systems under this partnership will begin soon in Nigeria and Zambia, according to the Ecofin news agency, with an estimated target of nearly 1,000 sites to be covered over the next 12 to 24 months.

YahClock CEO Farhad Khan said: “Our partnership with Clear Blue provides clean off-grid energy to ensure our proven, reliable and affordable broadband connectivity for Africa's leading network providers of choice.”

The partnership between YahClick and Clear Blue comes nearly a year after the off-grid electric power provider signed with London-based satellite telecom operator Avanti.

YahClick is mainly targeting more than 200 million people who are still not covered by mobile telecoms networks in Africa. Clear Blue already has orders worth US$335,000 in revenue, from two YahClick customers, across 44 sites.


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