Paix Data Centres expands capacity in Ghana to 1.2MW

Paix Data Centres expands capacity in Ghana to 1.2MW


Netherlands-based Africa-focused data centre operator PAIX Data Centres has expanded the capacity of its site in Accra, Ghana to 1.2MW.

The expansion comes as pan-African infrastructure investor and asset manager Africa50 has invested over $30 million in growth equity in PAIX Data Centres to support the company's expansion into new markets and upgrade current facilities.

It means that the data centre is now one of the largest in Ghana.

The two companies estimate that only 10% to 30% of effective data centre demand in sub-Saharan Africa is being serviced today, but through facilities such as its site in Accra internet service providers (ISPs), cloud providers, and enterprises can fully take advantage of robust digital infrastructure and improved connectivity, which will enable the African business community to thrive in the digital era.

The upgraded facility features advanced cooling and waste management systems and the increased integration of renewable energy as a power source to improve environmental impact.

The strategic location in Accra also offers low-latency connectivity to major regional and international network routes and subsea cables.

“This expansion reaffirms our dedication to providing best-in-class data centre solutions to our customers in Accra and beyond,” said Bright Tawiah, managing director, PAIX Data Centres, Ghana.

“As one of Africa's digital economy hotspots, Accra plays a vital role in driving innovation and growth across various industries. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, enabling businesses to thrive in today's increasingly connected world."

Raza Hasnani, the managing director, head of infrastructure at Africa50 and also the chairman of the board of PAIX said the $30 million equity investment is part of a broader strategy to create the connectivity required to accelerate Africa's digital transformation.

In addition to data centre investments, Africa50 is aiming to accelerate strategic investments in infrastructure such as transmission lines, smart cities and fibre optic networks to maximise African productivity.

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