Syniverse develops roaming solution as AT&T retires 3G network

Syniverse develops roaming solution as AT&T retires 3G network

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Syniverse is collaborating with AT&T on the development of a solution that preserves inbound voice roaming after AT&T phases out its 3G network in February.

AT&T confirmed in 2019 that it would end its 3G service by decommissioning its circuit-switch based network on 22 February 2022. There still will be some mobile operators that require the use of circuit-switch fall back, and by implementing Syniverse’s Evolved MobilitySM solution customers will be able to connect when roaming on AT&T’s network after the switch off date.

“Over the past few years, AT&T has been in the process of phasing out its 3G network in order to accommodate next generation technology and services, like 5G, and give our customers a better network experience," said Cameron Dunn, director of mobility inter-carrier architecture and development at AT&T.

"To ensure voice roaming services after a circuit-switch decommission, we collaborated with Syniverse to create an innovative solution that could preserve customer experience. AT&T is very pleased with this solution as a ‘tool in the toolbox’ to avoid disruptions caused by network decommissions.”

Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility solution enables both the visited and home network to maintain the method of roaming that best suits them. It also facilitates voice and SMS and the clearing, settlement, and near-trade as well for a full end-to-end solution.

Decommissioning circuit switch networks like 3G frees up spectrum to meet the increasing 4G and 5G bandwidth demands of mobile devices and IoT devices.

“We are extremely pleased with the work our teams at Syniverse and AT&T have accomplished with this revolutionary offering involving Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility and 3G-to-VoLTE technology innovations," said Bob Chiodo (pictured), general manager of Americas carrier division at Syniverse.

"This is another excellent example demonstrating our dedication to our carrier customers and putting them at the centre of everything we do.”

In 2021 Syniverse entered into a definitive merger agreement with M3-Brigade Acquisition II Corp (MBAC), that will see the company become a publicly traded company and gives the company an initial enterprise value of $2.85 billion.

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