NGMN calls for action on green networks programme

NGMN calls for action on green networks programme

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The industry organisation setting priorities for 6G has set out its programme for a global standard for green networks.

The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN Alliance), which represents worldwide operators, says its new Global Green Networks Benchmark will place the focus on green network operations. It is asking industry players to join the programme.

Anita Döhler (pictured), CEO at NGMN, said: “There is a clear need for a Global Green Networks Benchmark. Being recognised for the operation of green networks will encourage mobile network operators to engage even more in exploring innovative methods and solutions to implement their networks in an energy efficient manner.”

Arash Ashouriha, chairman of the NGMN Board, said: “We are committed to ambitious net zero targets and are continuously optimising our network to ensure the best quality for our customers while striving to systematically reduce the energy consumption.”

Ashouriha, Deutsche Telekom’s senior VP for group technology innovation, added: “Implementing concrete actions to mitigate climate action is a key priority for our industry. At Deutsche Telekom, our goal is to make sure that everyone can take part and connect over a green network.”

Ashouriha and Döhler began their work to set industry priorities on energy efficiency for 6G last year, as part of its contribution to global climate targetsto align with a temperature rise limited to 1.5°C. The mobile industry needs to set itself aggressive targets in energy efficiency in order to cut consumption as demand grows, Döhler said in November 2021

The NGMN’s first step for the benchmark will be to focus on high-level sustainability indicators, followed by more detailed assessments at subsequent stages.

The organisation wants to establish globally applicable key performance indicators and methodologies, to define a global evaluation methodology, and to define the data sources for the assessment and how such data are obtained.

Ashouriha said: “The Global Green Networks Benchmark from NGMN will certainly help the entire telco industry by providing transparency regarding the operators’ sustainability. In addition, it offers operators a unique opportunity to prove their sustainability credentials towards their customers and be recognised for the positive environmental and societal impact.”

Döhler said NGMN wants to increase the focus on reducing the environmental footprint for end-to-end services, “for instance, through improved eco-design of products and the implementation of new business models fostering a circular economy. Such efforts will also stimulate supplier innovation.”

Traffic volume on mobile networks is expected to increase rapidly in coming years and NGMN said that “keeping the energy curve flat will be a challenge for the industry”.

It noted: “Although many operators have committed to net-zero targets, there is a high potential in improving network energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which NGMN is addressing with all its Green Future Networks’ activities.”


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