‘Secondary path’ vital to maintain SD-WAN resilience: WAN Wednesday

‘Secondary path’ vital to maintain SD-WAN resilience: WAN Wednesday

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Make sure you have a secondary path to your SD-WAN devices to ensure resilience – it’s critical, says Todd Rychecky of Opengear.

Rychecky was speaking this week in the latest WAN Wednesday webinar, presented by Capacity Media’s WAN Summit.

“We’re in a post-traumatic growth event,” said Rychecky, referring to the huge demand that’s been put on remote access by the Coronavirus pandemic. “Remote access is critical now to keep business going.” But crises are “how innovation occurs”, he added.

In the 2008-09 financial crisis, “I was able to meet customers, go to trade shows,” he said. Not now.

Business is relying on telcos and carriers, he added. “They’ve done an outstanding job. They are keeping the economy up and transacting for us.”

Already SD-WAN is much more resilient than traditional methods, said Rychecky. But he recommends an “out-of-band” method of remotely checking a customer’s SD-WAN device, using a mobile connection instead of a phone line. “It’s a secondary path to the cloud for when the network is down. It’s a back door into the device.”

A recording of the full 20-minute webinar is available free of charge here.

Each WAN Wednesday is available live mid-afternoon European time, mid-morning North American time, via WANSummit.com, and there are recordings of all of them, also free of charge.  

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