HGC, Sri Lanka Telecom sign MoU for SDN interoperability

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HGC Global Communications (HGC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) on accelerated network integration and expansion using SDN technology.

HGC and SLT will work together to enhance interoperability with the goal of accelerating their customers’ digitalisation journey through inter-carrier network orchestration between the ASEAN and global communities, as well as network integration on HGC international marketplace by SDN.

“We are delighted to announce the start to collaborate on interoperability with HGC,” said Mahinda Samarasinha, general manager of carrier business at SLT. “By leveraging both SLT’s and HGC’s ICT capabilities and global expertise, our corporate customers can enjoy innovative solutions, on-demand services and quick and easy flexible connectivity, giving them the edge in the digital transformation race in both ASEAN and global communities.”

The collaboration will enable HGC and SLT to leverage both companies’ network resources and capabilities to expand their already-extensive network footprints while utilising digital technology to provide customers with highly flexible connectivity. The partnership also enhances interoperability between service providers by riding on HGC’s carrier-to-carrier API hub, which is built on SDN architecture.

“The collaboration between HGC and SLT further strengthens HGC’s dedication in cultivating SDN federation starting from the ASEAN region, as well as highlighting both companies’ efforts to address the customers future connectivity requirements,” said Ravindran Mahalingam, SVP of international business, HGC. “The robust marketplace not only creates a new business model for infrastructure providers to unite and strategically increase profitability through maximising capability allocation, acting as a white-label platform, it also boosts competitiveness by providing increased agility throughout the telecommunications ecosystem while providing scalable network access for the ASEAN market.”